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Unmatched quality assurance, total remote management and the most accurate results—in a single touch.

The GEM Premier 4000 now with PLUS Technology brings complete automation to the most labor- and skill-intensive tasks in critical care testing.  At the touch of a button, the GEM Premier 4000 automates: quality management through Intelligent Quality Management (iQM), instrument maintenance with its multi-use disposable cartridge PAK, and information management with GEMweb® Plus Custom Connectivity.

  • Onboard CO-Oximetry and a full complement of parameters meet every testing need
  • Self-contained, multi-use cartridge PAKs include all testing components—just replace the cartridge every 30 days
  • PLUS Technology adds faster touchscreen response, integrated wireless communication and remote service features

Measured Analytes
pH    pCO2    pO2    Na+    K   Ca++    Cl   Glu
Lac    Hct    tHb    O2Hb    COHb    MetHb    HHb   tBili

Derived (calculated) Parameters
P/F ratio
Ca++ (7.4)
Anion gap

sO2 RI
sO2(c) CcO2
HCO3-std a-vDO2
HCO3-(c) Qsp/Qt (est)
A-aDO2 Qsp/Qt
paO2/pAO2 Hct(c)

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A recent study of four hospitals, analyzing 10,550 patient samples, confirms iQM not only is valid in the research environment, but also is proven in the clinical setting.1

Study Details

The purpose of this study was to validate the performance claims of iQM in the Wesgard study.2

  • 10,550 patient samples
  • Four major teaching institutions:
    • Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
    • Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY
    • Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
    • Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
    • Compared iQM-measured QC values to traditional QC results
    • Calculated the average error deduction time for each measured analyte


    Study results were published in the highly respected and peer-reviewed laboratory reference journal, Clinical Chimica Acta, as follows:

    “The findings from our study confirm that (a) iQM precision in a clinical setting is comparable to that found in previous studies done in a research setting, (b) the improved precision of control material in iQM is likely because the internal control fluids are sealed and not susceptible to exposure from handling, and (c) the system detects and often corrects error in specific samples that might not be reported by traditional analytical systems."1

    1. Toffaletti JG, McDonnell EH, Ramanathan LV, Tolnai J, Templin R, Pompa L. Validation of a quality assessment for a blood gas and electrolyte testing. Clinica Chimica Acta, 382 (2007) 65-70.
    2. Westgard JO, Fallon KD, Mansouri S. Validation of iQM Active Process Control Technology. Point of Care, The Journal of Near-Patient Testing and Technology, 2003: Vol. 2, No. 1.

    To request a copy the studies cited above, please use our Contact Us form.

    Additional Literature:

    Fully automated maintenance, quality control and information management help to ensure patient safety and enhance patient care.

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